Written by Megan Workman for Recycling Today on February 7, 2018

Rubicon Global, Atlanta, has unveiled the RubiconMethod, a guide that summarizes best practices for organizations aiming to reduce their waste generation and keep materials out of landfills.

  • consistent placement of side-by-side bin stations with picture-based signage such as Recycle Across America’s (RAA’s) standardized labels to reduce contamination and increase recycling;
  • usage of different colored liners (i.e., bags) for landfill (black), recycling (clear) and organic (green) bins to ensure materials end up in the correct stream when collected by custodial staff; and
  • eliminating waste from the start such as food, disposable tableware and individually packaged goods.

“The RubiconMethod reflects our mission as a certified B Corp. committed to solving the global issue of waste. In order to make the impact we desire, Rubicon chose to share its best practices with the world,” says David Rachelson, vice President of sustainability at Rubicon. “Most businesses want to start a recycling program, but have challenges navigating the complexities associated with keeping materials out of landfills and changing behaviors.”

Mitch Hedlund, RAA’s executive director, adds, “At Recycle Across America, our mission is to help recycling become economically viable and we’re doing this by implementing a nonprofit standardized label solution for bins, which makes it easy for people to begin to ‘recycle right,’ wherever they might be. The chronic confusion at the recycling bin has been crippling the economics of recycling. The RubiconMethod is providing organizations of all sizes with a simple list of best practices to create successful and thriving recycling programs. This guidance is desperately needed.”

To download the practical guide to implementing the RubiconMethod, visit www.rubiconglobal.com/sustainability-guide.

Rubicon Global says it works with businesses, organizations and local governments across the United States and in select international markets to find new efficiencies and cost savings in their waste streams and to develop new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle materials. As a Certified B Corp., Rubicon says its mission is to solve the global issue of waste and create a more circular economy.